Mango Parfait

Want to spice up your morning yogurt? Nature’s Finest has you back! Follow the simple steps below to turn your plain vanilla yogurt into a delicious mango and berry party.



  • One pack of Nature’s Finest Dried Mangoes

  • One pack of Nome Snacks Toasted Coconut Chips (chocolate)

  • One cup of low fat yogurt

  • One package of blackberries

  • One package of pomegranate seeds


Simply scoop out 1/4 cup of your choice of yogurt. Layer this section with Nome Snacks Toasted Coconut Chips. Next, add another 1/4 cup layer of yogurt and stack with blackberries. Then, do another layer of yogurt with the handful of pomegranate seeds. Finally, use the last 1/4 cup of yogurt and top with Nature’s Finest Food Dried Mangoes. Your taste buds will thank us!


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Rachna Madan